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Very nice products. I just tried a new the coffee scrub. - Laurie from NY


Love my sugar scrub! Makes your skin so soft and very affordable!

Got the coffee brown sugar face scrub is incredible! -- Mary Jo from NC

This is the best soap in the world! It is great to shave with and it softens your skin with all natural products. It is outstanding! ♥ ya!! -- Billie from SC

i absolutely love the suds up soap! it's so smooth and smells awesome! as soon as i run out i want some more! -- Michelle from NC


My very favorite suds up soap is the plumeria glycerine. It smells wonderful, and I especially like the fact that all of Amanda's soaps are handmade with all natural ingredients! -- Beth from NC


I absolutely loved the soap you gave me at the festival. I will be ordering some from you for a gift in January it was the hypo allergic soap :) -- Christian from NC


My family LOVES this soap!!! Every bar we have tried we love. The scents, how it makes our skin soft and there are so many kinds to choose from. Even my 10 year old son LOVES this soap too! Thanks for making such great creations!!!!! -- Anna from NC


I love it!!!! More please ;) - Courtney from NC

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