Available Flavors

On this page, you'll find the notes of every flavor we offer.  Currently, we have 30! 

All flavors are gluten-free and sweetened unless noted.

Never hesitate to ask a question if you need help!

Acai & Blueberry - Juicy freshness of a crunchy blueberry can be described as a cross between a green and red grape with much more of sweetness.

Cake Batter - Rich vanilla and touches of cream with hints of butter make this the best vanilla batter ever!

Candied Lemon Drop - A sweet delight - sour lemon covered in sugared candy.

Candy Apple - The crisp refreshing fruity notes of a freshly picked Granny Smith Apple is combined with the creamy sweet notes of warm caramel making this blend a yummy treat!


Cherry Kiss - Sweet and tangy red cherry married with hints of fresh fruit syrup.

Chocolate Lava Cake - Yummy, delicious, milky, rich chocolate.

Chocolate Mint - A sweet delight of smooth milky chocolate with refreshing icy mint nuances.

Coffee - Ahhhh rich dark coffee, the smell of roasted beans brewing, it is like no other.

Cotton Candy - An airy sugary sweetness which reminds you of the melt in your mouth carnival goodness. Just as you remember it!

Creamy Caramel - A decedent creamy blend of caramelized sugar and farm fresh butter blended to sweet perfection.

Cupcake Frosting - Yummy frosting brings a smile to the face with its rich creaminess and sweet vanilla flavor.

Double Bubble Gum - Lip-smacking goodness of strawberry, sun burst orange, and spun sugar with a hint of mint to keep it fresh. Delicious!


Dulce de Leche - Sweet caramel perfectly blended with decadent condensed milk.

Flavor Free - just as the name implies... Unflavored, unsweetened

Go Bananas - A banana flavor that tastes just like the perfectly ripened firm fruit.

Key Lime Pie - The sparkling key lime nuance is supported and softened by creamy notes of fresh whipped cream and warm vanilla.

Lavender - Herbaceous notes blend with a hint of floralcy and a nuance of dewiness.

Life is Peachy - Effervescent citrus nuances add a sparkle to the fuzzy peachy signature.

Mai Tai Punch - A blend of fresh citrus, sweet pineapple and Guava.

Mango Madness - Tropical freshness from bright citrus aspects combine with the rich sweetness of mango.

Melon Madness - Juicy summer trio of juicy cantaloupe, green honeydew and sweet red watermelon.


Orange Push Up - A smooth blend of sweet orange and decadent sweet cream.


Pina Colada - Coconut milk, juicy pineapple and crushed ice take you away with the island blend. 

Peppermint (unsweetened) - Oh the cooling freshness of crisp, natural peppermint! It invigorates and provides clarity to the mind, body and soul.

Pink Lemonade - As refreshing as the fresh squeezed lemonade from your local stand, a delightful and sweet mix of lemon and lime with the perfect hint of pink sugar.

Pomegranate Berry - Fresh sweet pomegranate flavor that has hints of sparkling citrus tones and juicy sweet red fruitiness.

Raspberry Glaze - Fresh picked sweet and tart raspberries tossed to produce this classic favorite.


Strawberry Sorbet - A juicy combination of fresh picked strawberries with a hint of sugar and a twist of citrus.

Sweet Strawberry - Delectable vine picked strawberries are blended with sugared vanilla for mouth watering goodness.

Wild Grape - Candy concord grapes makes up this classic favorite.

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